Got Running Skirt? Men’s and Women’s Running Skirt Reviews

Running skirts are ‘in’ and I”m a fan.  A skirt [a skort is more descriptive because of the shorts underneath] is my choice for long runs not only because they are comfortable and functional but forgiving. Running skirts are not just for women runners, there are options for men too, several in fact. However, running skirts are for real men and not the faint-of-heart. I have a video clip to prove it – Matt Fitzgerald, runner, coach and author wears a running skirt during an interview – he appears to be a very real man  [link to the video clip is at the end of this post]. Seriously my reader friends, both male and female, do not be a naysayer until you read these reviews and see these skirts in action. In this post I’ll share five reasons why running skirts rule, and follow-up with product reviews, [the women’s skirt reviews are my own, the men’s are not].

5 Reasons why men should where Running Skirts: From a Man’s Point-of-View
Should a man go running in a running skirt if it makes him happy?” This question was posed on Yahoo Answers, and the answer? Absolutely! The answer, posted by a ‘man’ gives these reasons:

  1. A mini skirt has LESS restriction than shorts for freedom of movement…[okay…]
  2. Definitely COOLER!  Both features obviously important for running. Many of the women’s running skirts will work fine for guys …
  3. You will find a brief built in is better than shorts and results in no chaffing and adds support.” [too much information]
  4. A mini skirt is perfect! The average length of mini sold in major stores is 12 inches long but can vary from 10.5 to 15 inches or so long. The average length (12 inches) happens to be the SAME length as men’s GYM shorts (12 inches)! Men’s RUNNING SHORTS are the same length as “MICRO MINI” SKIRTS or about 10.5 inches long or less” [who knew? This dude knows his stuff].
  5. I think a “Cargo Mini Skirt” (there are a zillion styles available) [zillions of cargo skirts?] might be best for a guy because of the pockets, belt loops, zipper, etc. Just find a skirt that doesn’t flair out too much for the big hips you don’t have…”  [take note guys].   By PatagoniaKidd as posted on Yahoo Answers.

5 Reasons why Skirts Rule: From a Woman’s Viewpoint:

  1. To look like a girl. Shorts are fine, and I have several favorite pairs, but skirts are more feminine.
  2. They hide the sweat spots. On long runs when perspiration is inevitable, (yes girls do sweat) because the shorts are hidden under the skirt … I don’t need to say more.
  3. Fun patterns. Funky patterns and prints in running shorts look weird, but in a skirt look cute.
  4. Hides the parts you don’t want to show. Forgiving and flattering at the same time.
  5. Mix it up. Time for a change? Skirts are something new and different.

Product Reviews for Women’s Skirts
Lululemon:  I love this skirt. Unique and feminine. I prefer this straight skirt fit over several of the skirt styles from Lululemon, as many are pleated and have several layers of fabric. This one hangs straight. Notice the nice detailing at the hem.  Rating: 5/5
Pros: Fabric, which is lightweight, compression under shorts, small pocket on the rear waistband.
Cons: None!

Oiselle: I bought this skirt last week at Los Angeles Running Company, and it was the heathered indigo color and the fabric that appealed to me more than the style. Yet after I tried it on, I liked everything about it. Oiselle calls it a ‘bum wrap’ rather than a running skirt, however essentially it’s a skort. I love the fit, [I bought a medium] and how the shorts are longer than the ‘skirt’. In the picture to the left I’m wearing the skirt before I ventured on a run.
Rating: 5/5
Pros: Colour, fit, nice and wide waistband, design, moisture-wicking fabric
Cons: No pocket!

Prana: A fabulous skirt that I purchased last season [size medium] from Prana’s website. The fit is good, though slightly longer in length than the Lululemon and Oiselle skirts. The fabric is nice, but somewhat on the heavy side for exceptionally hot days. This print is no longer available at Prana, but is at Backcountry.
Rating: 4/5
Pros: Print, nice waistband, fit, length
Cons: No pocket

Men’s Skirts [kilts]: Product Reviews

His and Her’s available at Sport Kilt

Sport Kilt. A Man in a kilt is a Man and a Half.
Though this kilt is designed for hikers, it is appropriate [according to the company website] “for running, camping, even swimming! [Swimming? Seriously… in a kilt?] It is Cool, quick drying, breathable, lightweight microfiber kilt for the active hiker [or runner] who wants to trek in style and comfort.”  Click here for more pictures of this kilt in action.

UtilitkiltForm follows Function.
Pants are lame, and Dockers® are the lamest pants we can think of. They’re so lame that we decided to come out with a Utilikilt so sleek and clean and stylish that your Docker wearing friends would cry in secret shame.” [Really?]

Running Skirts.  Matt Fitzgerald interviews the two women owners of Running Skirts (who are identical twins), and though they don’t have a product category for ‘men only’, Matt Fitzgerald tries on skirt for the interview and shows the versatility. Click here to watch the two-minute clip.

Well my runner friends, are you inspired to try out a running skirt?  Perhaps my girl friends will be more keen than my guy friends. I get it. But, remember, real women and men can wear the running skirt!

Photo credit: Man in Grass Skirt, by naturalturn’s photo stream , Flickr
Photo credit: Sports Kilt

20 thoughts on “Got Running Skirt? Men’s and Women’s Running Skirt Reviews

  1. Men ARE running in skirts. Only makes sense as they are cooler than skirts and provide outstanding freedom of movement if short and best of all no crotch binding inseams! What’s not to like about skirts? Men have worn them throughout time far longer than women have so it’s nothing new. Here’s a few guys running in skirts:

    Guys need to get over their fear of skirts! They won’t make you gay! Top clothing designers say anyone can wear a skirt. They don’t need to be made especially for men but some styles look better on guys than others. PS: A kilt IS a Skirt by definition…any dictionary. You don’t need a “kilt” when there are thousands of women’s skirts that work perfectly for the guys.

    I submit any guy who tries on a Cargo Mini Skirt on a hot day won’t give it up… (unless he has issues…homophobic, sexist, or sexually insecure). Women… this is a good test for you guy… ask him to wear your mini for a day and see which camp he falls in….

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  3. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I seriously
    enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon. I want to encourage you continue your great writing, have a nice weekend!

  4. Debbie,

    Have you tried InknBurn? The last round of comments got me to do more web searching I have their running skirt, many good reviews. Pretty good, the have only shorts but the shorts work OK after break-in. Still not as good as briefs. Over all quality is excellent, their prints are beautiful.

    The skirt and shorts are little heavier thus a bit warmer. I was on a 2.5 hour hike yesterday and every body was held in place and up out of harms way. This is important for me as the boys have had injuries that laid me up for a week or more just because I wore the wrong hiking clothes.


    • HI Brandy,
      Thanks for the tip on InknBurn. It looks like a great site, with very unique running gear. Thanks!
      Glad you found something that works for you, and thanks for sharing! Debbie

  5. Hi, I did not see my favorite running skirt in the men’s section. make a very nice line running skirts. For men choose the Running Skirt not the Athletic Skirt. The running Skirt have a excellent support brief that keeps the boys in place and away from injury. The Athletic Skirt has a compression short that women like but no good for me as the boys move around and get twisted up.

    There’s no men sizing best bet is to visit a store to discover your size or order several sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. Or call the order line, they are use to men calling in for sizing just tell’em it’s for you. They are nice people.

    • A brief IS best under a short skirt! If you buy a skort (has shorts and skirt combined) it is redundant…wear one or the other but not both! Short skirts are superb for running…no chaffing, cooler than shorts, outstanding freedom of movement if shorter than 12″, and they look better than shorts. Womens skirts work perfectly for guys as is with no modifications…anyone can wear a skirt. Some are just more fem than others so find your style. The secret to buying a skirt or pants is knowing the actual waist dimension so you can compare it with something that fits. You cannot trust mfgrs sizing..not even products from same mfgr. E-Bay sellers have their act together and state the actual measurement flat across the waist and give the length…something stupid marketers don’t do.

    • Hi
      Skirts generally (or unbifurcated garments) are better for men, as they are far less restricting round the ‘delicate’ areas!

    • Yes! It is worth trying out! You may like the change of wearing a skirt over shorts. There are many options this season as they are catching on with runners. Let me know how how it goes and if you like it or not. Thanks for reading and for your comment!:) Debbie

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